Negril Jamaica

Fun in the Sun Negril, Located on the western side of Jamaica is famous for its white sand Beach, beautiful sunset and nightlife like nowhere else on the Island.

negril_jamaica _SunsetNegril Jamaica

Negril, originally named Negrillo by the Spanish in 1494, is a small but beautiful beach resort town, situated on the western section of the island of Jamaica, world renowned for its magnificent beaches. The beaches of Negril, known as the Seven Mile Beach, stretches from the Negril river, to the south, to Rutland Point on the north coast of the Island. Although the stretch of beach is known as the Seven Mile Beach, it is actually only about 4 miles in length. Read More..


Couples_Negril_HotelNegril Jamaica Hotels and Resorts 

Finding suitable accommodation in Negril today is a far cry from how it was back when the massive potential of the resort town was just being realized, when rooms were a dime a dozen and your best bet to find a place to stay would be renting a room from a local or pitching a tent outdoors in their backyard. Now with much development and the popularity of the resort town, the accommodation situation had improve drastically with the construction of resorts from the ultra-modern all-inclusive resorts to the more modest privately owned villas on Negril’s West End. Read More...


Negril NightlifeNegril Nightlife

 Negril, Jamaica has grown increasingly popular due to its fantastic beaches, laid-back atmosphere and natural beauty, but the Negril experience is not limited to these popular traits. There is another fantastic side to the resort town and that starts once the sun sets; Negril’s nightlife. Negril, Jamaica’s thriving nightlife goes on until the early morning with the opportunity to choose from a variety of partying options; beach parties, stage shows, clubbing and fire dancing.  The parties accommodate many different genres, with popular ones being reggae, calypso and soca music. Read More..


Negril for Spring Breakers

Negril for Spring BreakersNegril Jamaica is a well liked holiday destination choice for travelled and especially spring breakers, each year thousands are drawn to the attractiveness, night life, beautiful white sand beach and the laidback way of life of the Negril resident.

Negril’s seven mile of white sand beach and crystal clear water is the best attraction for teens and adults on their spring break or vacation. Negril is among the peak Spring Break destinations in the world, and offers entertainment from the live Reggae performances at the various night clubs to the live cliff jumps and the beautiful sunset, Attraction such as the Cool Running Water Park, Plantation tours Gulf, Water Sports and deep sea fishing. Negril, is surly a not to miss spring break destination. Read More...

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